• Cooks Beach Plumbing & Drainage Ltd

Cooks Beach Plumbing & Drainage Ltd

also covering Hahei and Hot Water Beach

  • If you need help with a range of plumbing services in the Cooks Beach area, you can count on Cooks Beach Plumbing & Drainage to get the job done properly. Hiring a plumber does not always work out the way you want it to, but you can trust that when you hire a plumber from our company you will not be disappointed.

  • General plumbing For all your general plumbing jobs such as leaking taps, blocked toilets and anything in between, speak with us today! If it's anything to do with water, we know how to install, service or repair it. Just give us a call in Cooks Beach and we can arrange a quote.
  • Drainage Leaving drainage problems unattended can be costly in the long run. Water can run through walls and roofs causing extensive damage. Need a plumber to help you with any of the following? Call us today!
    Gas We are registered and certified gas fitters so if you need help with any installations or any other gas related issues, don't hesitate to call.
  • Pumps We have a great backup service, loan pumps available, repairs to your existing pump, or maybe a new upgrade. You'll never be without water when it matters most.
  • Filters We have the technology to protect your water supply for both your fittings and your health.
    Water Tank Cleaning We have a new system developed where we can vacuum the bottom of your water tank, dropping the existing water to a minimum, or, if need be we can save up to 5000 litres then discard the remainder and clean the inside of your tank.

  • Award winning wastewater treatment systems
    Energy-wise wastewater treatment We specialise in Biolytix Wastewater treatment system covering the Coromandel. Using innovation, technology and tiger worms we create an effective, environmentally friendly wastewater system that delivers clean, nutrient enriched effluent to your lawn or gardens. We guarantee NO SMELL and you won’t even hear it running. The running costs are very low as the worms clean it up.




Cooks Beach Plumbing & Drainage Ltd