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Need to hire or buy Snorkel or Scuba gear
on the Coromandel Peninsula?

Hire snorkel gear from our Dive Centre 48 Hahei Beach Road, Hahei, and take the short walk into the snorkel trail at Gemstone Bay, on your way into Cathedral Cove.

Why rent from Cathedral Cove Dive & Snorkel?

  • We are situated right at Hahei Beach, on the corner just before driving
    up the hill to Cathedral Cove
  • After-hours late return snorkel gear returns bin
  • We will give you up-to-date weather and sea reports on
    where the best spot for snorkeling or diving is on that day
  • Quick easy snorkeling instructions for beginners
  • Maps available for the Gemstone Bay and Cathedral Cove walks
    and snorkel trail
  • Large range of snorkel gear and dive software to choose from in our store. All top brands include Aqualung, Prodive, TUSA, Technisub
  • Life jackets and body boards available for hire from
    our store for those first up snorkelers
  • Large range of hire snorkel wetsuits
  • Water tight aquapacs for cameras and phones in store
  • Water proof cameras for sale and hire
  • Digital camera batteries, SD cards for cameras, USB sticks, body boards, limited surfing needs, fishing gear, bait, salt ice. LPG filling

For the Diver

Authorized PADI Dive CentreWe have quality rental equipment, including Aqualung, TUSA, Suunto with/without dive computers.

  • Full range of Quality AquaLung Scuba gear for hire and purchase
  • Cylinders
  • Air filling and Tank testing
  • AquaLung and Suunto stockists


Hire gear prices
  • $30 day mask snorkel fins
  • $25 snorkel wetsuit
  • $30 day long arm/long steamer snorkel wetsuit
  • $20 Mask with optical lenses
  • $25 body boards
  • $15 life jacket (or $10 with snorkel gear)

Scuba hire gear prices

All priced per day hire Enquiries welcome for multiple day hire packages

  • $40 regulator - SPG, Octi, computer, compass
  • $35 BCD
  • $25 dive cylinder includes fill (diving with us)
  • $30 dive cylinder includes fill (not diving with us)
  • $35 full dive wetsuit
  • $20 weight belt
  • $100 complete set scuba only- includes dive computer
  • $120 complete set hire - includes dive computer
  • $13 air fill




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